Pocket London: South London Printed Tour Guide

Pocket London: South London Printed Tour Guide

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This is a printed architectural tour – suitable for cycling and long-distance walking – which showcases iconic developments from the golden era of public sector housing across the London boroughs of Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark

It is a paper self-guided version our popular South London Architecture Cycle Tour led by up-and-coming architectural designers Aidan Hall and Rosalind Peebles.

The South London Architecture Cycle Tour is part of a new series of live events, printed tours and OH Friends-only on-demand audio tours celebrating the very best of public housing design across the four corners of the capital.

Focussing on the most visually-striking and memorable modernist achievements of progressive boroughs in north, south, east and west London – the tours show how spacious design, health and quality of life are once again in the spotlight as our city moves forward out of the pandemic.

Highlights of South London Citadels include the cloister-like Macintosh Court retirement home in Streatham, the arched streets of Dunbar Dunelm estate in West Norwood, the cascading Central Hill in Crystal Palace, the village-like Lammas Green in Sydenham, and the spectacular commanding Dawson’s Heights in East Dulwich.

Occupying a series of dramatic hilltop sites across south London, these unique locations will be brought to life to reveal the fascinating details behind their construction during a moment of unparalleled optimism and idealism for the future.

Owners of the printed tour will discover the extraordinary stories of diverse and previously overlooked architects – such as Kate Macintosh, Magda Borowiecka, Rosemary Stjernstedt, and William Jacoby – who brought a fresh wave of talent and ambition to the design of public housing.

Guide by Aidan Hall and Rosalind Peebles, 2020

Meet the authors
Aidan Hall is a co-founder of social enterprise Okra where he leads projects in the fields of architecture, design, research and education. He has taught architecture at schools and universities across the UK and Europe and has led walking tours for the Architecture Foundation since 2017. He joined the Open House tours team in summer 2020.

Rosalind Peebles is an architect at alma-nac currently working on housing and community-oriented projects in London. She is a member of Okra where she collaborates in the fields of research and education, focusing on the social responsibility of architecture and housing in London. She has led tours for the Architecture Foundation since 2018 and joined the Open House tours team in summer 2020.