Pocket London: Farringdon Printed Tour Guide

Pocket London: Farringdon Printed Tour Guide

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If you ever needed an excuse to get to the pub, David Knight and Cristina Monteiro – editors of this year's book Public House: A Cultural and Social History of the London Pub – have put together a route that explores the history of London's drinking establishments, from the gin palace glamour of the Viaduct Tavern to an early 00s pastiche of a historic pub in architects' favourite, the Jerusalem Tavern, by way of backstreet pubs, alehouses and what might be the world's first themed pub.

You'd be forgiven for not knowing the difference between these pub types – over the years, the terms have been used so interchangeably that the distinctions can feel difficult to unpick, but you'll be all the wiser after this pub crawl.

This paper self-guided tour is part of a series of Pocket London tours exploring our city’s most compelling architecture featuring engaging text and images which can be enjoyed equally in the field or in the comfort of your home. Published once a month, Pocket London is available as a subscription or via our shop.

Guide by David Knight and Cristina Monteiro, 2021

Meet the authors

David Knight and Cristina Monteiro and David Knight are the co-founders and directors of the architecture, planning and research studio DK-CM and editors of the 2021 book Public House: A Cultural and Social History of the London Pub.

In 2021, Cristina was shortlisted for the Moira Gemmill Prize in recognition of excellence in design for women designers under 45. In 2018, David completed his PhD titled ‘Making Planning Popular,’ concerned with the politics of planning knowledge.