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Kingston Town House Model


Architect: Grafton Architects
Construction: 2019
Floors: 11+ 2 underground
Function: Mixed use building
Borough: Kingston upon Thames
Model Difficulty: Tricky. This models includes extra tabs. We recommend removing the ones you don't need.

Our Model London series of paper models brings the city to you. Cut, craft and learn about some spectacular London buildings whilst building your own London Skyline.

‘Imagine a place where reading, dance, performance, lectures, exhibitions, research, learning, happily co-exist, under one roof, and the door is open to everyone.’ These are the words used by Stirling Prize winners, Grafton Architects to introduce The Town House, a new multifunctional building at Kingston University.

All Open House models come with a spare set of printed sheets in case you make a mistake.

Net design: Sabrah Islam

Illustration: Luc Sanciaume

Sponsor: Kingston University 

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