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Open House Friends Appeal

Open House Friends Appeal


Our programmes are only made possible through the generosity of donors, supporters and sponsors. Open City gives everyone the opportunity to discover what makes great architecture. Those who share our passion can help us by adding a small donation here, by selecting the chosen variant in the section below (please scroll down) or entering a chosen value, as a one-off donation or as a recurring donation! (Please note this processes separately to any shopping cart items you might have). Thank you for your support! 

You can claim Gift Aid by ticking the box in your Cart before Check Out.

£ 5.00

This helps us to give support to 2 Open House London volunteers

£ 10.00

This covers the cost for us to print just one copy of the Open House London programme

£ 25.00

This helps buy the materials for 1 Open House Families activity

£ 50.00

This pays for 1 child to take part in Architecture in Schools programme

£ 100.00

This helps 1 young person to build their University entrance portfolio in our Accelerate programme.