Pocket London: Limehouse

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This walk charts an unassuming collection of streets in the London's Docklands, the area where Chinese sailors settled and created London's first Chinatown. Visiting today, it's almost hard to imagine, but for the initiated there are hidden stories and pictures lurking just below the surface. This forensic tour stitches them together into an incomplete history that takes in literary depictions, changing sentiment, food culture and movie stars, ending with the move to Soho.

This paper self-guided tour is part of a series of Pocket London tours exploring our city’s most compelling architecture featuring engaging text and images which can be enjoyed equally in the field or in the comfort of your home. Published once a month, Pocket London is available as a subscription or via our shop.

Guide by Siufan Adey and Amanda Maud, 2022

Meet the authors

Siufan Adey is a founding  member of Afterparti, a writing-and-curation collective that critiques the built environment through the lenses of race and identity. She is currently undertaking an MA in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths.
Amanda Maud is an actor who has worked with New Earth Theatre company, performing in their  2014 production The Last Days of Limehouse which explored much of the same territory as this route. New Earth was set up in 1995 to represent and support British East and Southeast Asian actors.