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Citymaking Sessions

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 9am-5pm (day convention and 7pm-8.30pm (Thornton Lecture) @ Bold Tendencies, Peckham Carpark 

Citymaking Sessions is focused on sharing new perspectives on architecture, planning and urban design. Convention sessions will include:

→ Morning: Analogue perspectives on the city, including how fiction can be used to shape masterplans, and why bricks still matter

→ Afternoon: Digital perspectives on the future of cities, exploring Insta-architecture and big data

→ Evening: Thornton Lecture – Julia Barfield 

Booking essential. Tickets for the day convention, and the Thornton Lecture, can be obtained here.

These are a minimum £5 donation when bought as individual tickets. The event in reality costs £50 per head and so we are very grateful to those that are willing or able to add a further donation at checkout